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Look to the cutting edge of cosmetic medicine constantly, steadily guiding skin to its ideal state.

Every time we hear happy customers say that their aging skin was beautifully transformed with “MT Metatron” after giving up many times before, we feel that the possibilities for improving the skin are endless, and there is no such thing as “too late”.
The skin constantly transmits its current condition in the form of signs. By properly discerning these signs, choosing the appropriate skincare, and meticulously caring for the skin, it will endlessly and beautifully evolve. In order to enhance the potential for the improvement of our customers’ skin to the maximum, we, MT Metatron, focus above all else on the clear results felt by our customers.

When improvement of the skin is felt immediately after use, this increases the motivation of our customers for the pursuit of beauty. The daily skincare routine becomes a moment filled with anticipation and joy, enhancing and maximizing the innate drive of the skin towards beauty. MT Cosmetics products steadily guide the skin towards improvement by clarifying the key targets for recovery of the skin and delivering the appropriate ingredients.
Clearly differentiating itself from superficial skincare that simply supplements, they act on the deep layers of the skin, cultivating conditions where skin creates its own beauty.
In order to improve adult skin, a complicated process, various causes need to be assumed.
At “MT Metatron”, in order to ensure the desired results, we have focused on balancing safety and efficacy with multiple layers of beauty ingredients and impeccable product design.

In 2004, MT Metatron entered the beauty market with the lifting skincare line, focusing on DMAE and alpha-lipoic acid introduced by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, assistant professor at Yale University, anti-aging ingredients addressing the sagging of facial muscles.
14 years have passed since the establishment of MT Metatron, and the brand currently has an enhanced line range according to skin concerns, such as brightening, pore care, sensitive skin, etc. There are also other items available including body care, targeted care, and special care, so we enhance and maximize the potential for skin improvement by addressing a wide array of signs transmitted by adult skin, evolving beauty to a new dimension.
MT Metatron Key Ingredients

-Improving a wide area of the skin in one stroke-

  • DMAE リフトアップ注射にも使用される成分
  • カルノシン たんぱく質を劣化から守る成分
  • パンテノール 傷薬にも使用されるほど組織修復力に優れた成分

Our products contain many other carefully selected beauty ingredients. The ingredients resonate within the skin, carefully repairing it.
It is the mission of MT Cosmetics to continue our pursuit of cutting edge beauty, provide cosmetics that lead the skin to a higher dimension of beauty through skin therapists.

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