(Formerly known as FIRMING CARE LINE)
For concerns about loss of firmness and lack of moisture MT Metatron's core line focusing on age-related lack of skin firmness

Renewal launch on 20 September 2022!
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With age, the lack of moisture in the skin has a major impact on its appearance; a disturbed texture and loss of firmness being prime examples. The Essential Line, which focuses on the lack of firmness caused by ageing, contains generous amounts of DMAE*1 and carnosine*2 - skin firming ingredients that have attracted the attention of experts.

All items also contain ingredients used in beauty treatments.
The skin's firmness and elasticity are naturally improved and in addition, the skin is firmly regulated from the inside*3, for impressive and noticeable results.

1 Skin firming ingredients
2 Skin firming ingredient
3 Penetrates down to the stratum corneum
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