For Customers
  • Where can I buy MT products?
    • You can buy them at beauty salons and clinics around Japan and from official distributors abroad.
  • Can I buy MT products online?
    • Yes, we recently have started online sales abroad from July 2019. Please contact us via phone number +81-3-6265-6700 or fill in the Inquiry Form if you have any questions related to online sales.
      MT Cosmetics, Inc. is not responsible for any troubles caused by the usage of the products purchased from non-official internet stores and retailers.
For Distributors
  • I would like to sell MT products in my salon.
    How to start business with MT Cosmetics, Inc.?
    • Great! Please contact us via phone number +81-3-6265-6700 or fill in the Inquiry Form.
  • Is there minimum order quantity per order?
    • No. You can make purchase starting from 1 piece*.
      *For the salons and clinics in Japan only.
  • How long does it take to receive the products in Japan?
    • If you place your order by 11:00am, the products will arrive 2 days later.
      As for the orders placed after 11:00am, the products will arrive 3 days later (except for Saturday, Sunday, national holidays).
About Products
  • When do MT products expire?
    • The most products expire in 3 years.
  • I’d like to know the concentrations of ingredients.
    • Unfortunately, we don’t disclose any accurate formulas of MT products.
  • How should I store the products?
    • Please avoid the storage in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment or under direct sunlight.
      Variations in the product’s colour over time are to be expected.
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