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Why Clinics and Beauty Salons Choose MT Metatron?

Scientifically based product development to address various skin issues.
Sagging, wrinkles, blemishes are the evidence of increasing age. MT Cosmetics has developed five unique skin care lines for daily use to address these skin issues and leave the skin youthful and radiant. We build sustainable long-term relationships with our customers, offering them the ultimate way to get more beautiful, radiant skin with our anti-aging products that combat specific skin concerns.
Unique treatments based on years of research
MT Cosmetics developed “Lifting Therapy”, an original anti-aging skin care treatment using various therapies with the MT Metatron products. This therapy, which is carried out under the supervision of esthetic dermatologists, uses traditional oriental massage techniques and massage devices that deeply penetrates active ingredients into the skin, especially the facial muscles, with ions and ultrasound.
This treatment shows results after just one session. It is critical acclaimed by Beauty professionals and customers who are combating the signs of aging skin. Workshops are held periodically free of charge to train professionals in the product application and massage techniques used in the Lifting Therapy.
Achievements & Awards
Since our establishment in 2004, MT Metatron has been embraced by beauty professionals far and wide and customers in over 5,000 clinics and beauty salons nationwide. Our brand has gone global too and is carried in clinics and salons in Russia, the EU, and ASEAN countries. Articles in various media, including beauty and fashion magazines and such accolades as the Beauty Medalist Award* have helped MT Metatron to increase Brand Awareness.

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