Privacy Policy

MT Cosmetics, Inc. (the “Company“ or “we“, “us“), in order to protect your personal Data (any data or information which can be related to a specific identifiable individual, whether such individual is identifiable from that data itself or from other information including name, email address, telephone number, address and any other information; “Personal Data“), sets forth below this policy for the protection of Personal Data (“Policy“); and for such purpose the Company shall endeavor to build an internal system, implement and maintain measures, and make continuous improvement to the foregoing.
You shall understand the Company’s Personal Data handling policy as stipulated in the Policy. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to revise the content of the Policy from time to time, and any revised Policy shall be legally binding on you.
1. Collection and Use of Personal Data Pursuant to laws and regulations, by appropriate and fair means, the Company may collect and/or use your Personal Data for the purposes set forth below.
(1) To introduce the products and services to the customers.
(2) After sales service.
(3) To provide the materials and information requested by customers.
(4) To ask for the individual consent of each customer prior to using the data for other purposes.
(5) To collect the customer personal data including age and residential address for product development and marketing activities.
(6) Accounting.
(7) Reports of medical treatment accident.
(8) To improve the service quality for applicable customers.
(9) Practical training cooperation.
(10) Trainings and studies for enhancing the quality of the treatments.
(11) Customers related operation management.
(12) Businesses related to clients that required contact.
(13) Human resource management business including employment management, payroll management, training and education, employee benefits, safety and hygiene management.
(14) Access control and security related management.
(15) To handle personal data such as individual number according to the law and regulation.
(16) Comprehensive services that serve for the convenience of customers.
(17) Other businesses and businesses that listed in the preceding items.
2. Disclosure of Personal Data The Company will not disclose Personal Data that we collect from you to a third party; provided, however, that in any of the following cases, the Company may disclose your Personal Data.
(1) If required or permitted under laws and regulations;
(2) If you have consented;
(3) If disclosure is made to our group companies to the extent necessary to achieve a use purpose that has been clearly indicated to you;
(4) If the Company determines that disclosure is necessary for your or a third party’s life, body, property or other public interest or foryour interests;
(5) If the Company and our group companies hand over Personal Data to another person because of merger, corporate split, or business transfer;or
(6) If in regards to products and services that are provided to you, the Company entrusts services relating to the handling of Personal Data to a service provider, to the extent necessary to achieve the use purposes for Personal Data as set forth in the preceding paragraph.
3. Withdrawal of Consent
If you notice the Company that you withdraw your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data, we will suspend the collection, use and disclosure of any Personal Data thus notified; provided, however, that the foregoing will not apply in cases where a different response is otherwise required or permitted under laws and regulations.
4. Personal Data Access, Correction, Deletion etc.
The Company will handle requests for access to, correction of, or deletion of your Personal Data in accordance with the requirements stipulated under laws and regulations. Please make any such request in writing to our contact for inquiries set forth below.
5. Contact for Inquiries regarding Personal Data
Please direct any inquiries regarding the management or handling of your Personal Data to the Personal Data Protection contact set forth below.
6. Personal information inquiry
MT Cosmetics, Inc.
Person in charge: Masatoshi Nakanishi
Tel: +65-6922-6230
e-mail: dpo-sg@metatron-cosme.jp
*Written in accordance to Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012
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