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Corporate Philosophy

As a cosmetic company which constantly pursues the state-of-art beauty,
we work on product development and improving our sales services day by day.
We aim to become a company which makes contribution to the beauty professionals’ success.

As the company which produces and sells the beauty professional brand “MT Metatron”, “MICHAELA PHARMATICA“ and “Sandalphon”, MT Cosmetics, Inc. considers that its corporate mission is to support the business of the beauty professionals who are our clients. We limit the distribution channels to beauty clinics and salons so that we can pursue customer satisfaction by having our products delivered via the techniques and advices provided by the beauty professionals.
Only when the beauty professionals are able to provide the services and hospitality that are satisfactory for the customers, the customers would consider repeatedly using our products. What is mandatory for such a situation is the bondage of trust with the customers, together with the superior techniques and sufficient knowledge regarding skin care and hair care. Our sincere hope is that we can be of some help for building a linking bridge of trust in between the beauty professionals and the customers via providing our skin care and hair care products.
MT Cosmetics, Inc. CEO
Masatoshi Nakanishi


MT Cosmetics developed “MT Metatron”, “MICHAELA PHARMATICA“ and “Sandalphon”, as the skin care / hair care brands that are sold exclusively in dermatological clinics, beauty salons, and hair salons under the intention that they would support the concerns the customers about their skin and hair. The aging sign everybody would get as you get older is a common concern among all women. MT Cosmetics designs products which respond to such concerns, and improves customer satisfaction by providing detailed services such as providing technical advices to beauty professionals, and therefore contributes for the development of the skills of beauty professionals.
As a result, we are making efforts in a sincere manner in order to achieve our goal for becoming of some help for establishing an ideal relationship where the manufacturers, beauty professionals, and customers are linked together in the circle of beauty world.


Company Name
MT Cosmetics, Inc.
Head quarters
Kyohan Kudan Bldg.3F,1-5-10 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0072
JPY 50,000,000
Business Lineup
Cosmetics Development, Manufacturing, Sales
Nagoya office
NORE Meieki Bldg.9F, 1-3-18 Meieki Minami, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, 102-0072
TEL: 052-533-6270
FAX: 052-533-6271
Osaka office
Shin-osaka Terasaki Bldg. No.3 405, 1-5-28 Nishi Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 532-0004
TEL: 06-6391-8055
FAX: 06-6391-8056
Fukuoka office
Hakata-eki Higashi Ozaki Bldg,9F. Hakata-eki Higashi Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, 812-0013
Singapore MT Cosmetics Singapore Pte.Ltd.
110 Lorong 23 Geylang #04-02 Victory Centre
Singapore 388410
TEL +65-6922-6230  FAX +65-6922-6240


MT Metatron antiaging skin care

MT Metatron

The concept of anti-aging cosmetics MT Metatron is to provide products which will truly work for certain skin condition. The brand was developed to support beauty salons and clinics. To produce functional skin care products we apply latest beauty technologies and trends. Thankfully to above mentioned policy, we consistently gain overwhelming support from our high beauty sense customers.

Solve skin troubles caused by aging changes

MT Metatron’s product policy is to resolve various skin troubles caused by skin aging process on a daily basis.
“DMAE” stimulates the skin tightness and therefore adds some firmness to the skin, “carnosine” has antioxidative effect and a prevents saccharification and therefore protects the collagen tissues from damage, “panthenol” has both antioxidant effect and cell repairing effect. Additionally to these major active ingredients which are already represented in MT Metatron, we will continue to work on the research and development of the formulas to create the products that would reduce skin aging troubles and that would be appreciated by our customers.

Michaela Pharmatica antiaging hair care


The key concept of hair care brand MICHAELA PHARMATICA is to protect scalp and hair from aging problems. Aging without a doubt is very individual, but judging by appearance, main hair aging signs occur both in qualitative and quantitative ways. MICHAELA PHARMATICA is the functional professional salon brand which has been created based on more than 10 years of the experience in cosmetics research and development.

Product lineup created for different hair aging problems

Both male and female’s hair aging process includes main 3 changes: hair thinning, qualitative degradation and grey hair. For a long time MT Cosmetics has been researching the reason of such hair aging problems. And we have determined that aging troubles closely related to growths factor called “IGF-1” and several prostaglandins. As a result, we succeed in the creating new generation products that will let the dream for hair volume and color remaining come true.

>Michaela Pharmatica Official Website

Sandalphon body care


Creating the new body! Seeing smaller numbers on your scales doesn’t mean healthy weight loss. What is more important here is to reduce the excess body fat and build the beautiful body line. The key for that is consuming all the necessary nutrients while having fast metabolism. Many diets are based on reducing the volume of consuming necessary nutrients, so the body is trying to supply the missing part by any means, which leads to worse skin and muscles condition. Furthermore, the brain doesn’t get the sense of fullness and starts the fight with hunger. But it is very difficult to continue this fight for a long time. Rather than concentrating only on losing weight, it is better to put an effort in proving all necessary nutrients to the body, while creating a beautiful body line. Sandalphon designed a diet, which you can easily keep on for a long time and which triggers the mechanism of the weight loss for your body and in your brain.

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