Reveal the potential of your skin with Japanese anti-aging cosmetics MT Metatron


For Customers

Where can I buy MT products?
METATRON, MICHAELA PHARMATICA and SANDALPHON are our special brands of professional skin and hair care.
You can buy them at beauty salons and clinics around Japan and from official distributors abroad.
We appreciate your understanding that MT Cosmetics, Inc. can’t sell the products directly to end users.
Do you do internet sales?
No, we don’t, due to our policy that our customers should receive the professional consultation about the usage of the products. Recently, we discovered some Internet stores which sell our products. Those products were not provided directly from MT Cosmetics, Inc. and there’s a possibility of counterfeit, pirated or other actions involved.
MT Cosmetics, Inc. doesn’t take responsibility for any damage or problems caused by the products purchased by Internet.
We strongly recommend you NOT to purchase MT products from those Internet stores.

For Distributors

I’m interested in MT products to use/sell at my salon.
Can you introduce more details about the products and how to start business with MT?
For the inquiries about MT METATRON, MICHAELA PHARMATICA and SANDALPHON please call Tokyo head office TEL: 03-6265-6700 (Mon.-Fri. 9:00-18:00) or fill out the request form here.We’ll contact you about further details
Is there minimum order quantity per order?
No. You can make purchase starting from 1 piece*.
*for salons and clinics in Japan only
How long does it take to receive the products?
If you place your order by 11:00am, the products will arrive 2 days later*.
As for the orders placed after 11:00am, the products will arrive 3 days later (except for Saturday, Sunday, national holidays).
*for Japan, except for some regions.
How can you assist us in our business? Besides, I’d like to know more about MT products.
We hold workshop on a periodic basis. Upon your request, we do on-site services to show our treatment methodic.
In addition, please feel free to call us whether you have any question about the products.

About Products

Is there an expiry date for the products?
Yes, for unopened products it is 3 years since they were manufactured, except the products for which the expiry date is being set separately.
Please advise me about things to be aware of when using MT Metatron.
First of all, please take a careful look on your skin to check if there are any abnormalities.
Please avoid direct contacts with eyes and mouth. If severe irritation occurs by using the product, stop using it and consult with a doctor. Applies:
(1) In case of reddish, swelling skin, itchiness or irritation, vitiligo (white) or darkened pores.
(2) In case if any above mentioned symptoms occur with your skin applied the products after direct sun exposure
I’d like to know the concentrations of ingredients.
Unfortunately, we don’t disclose any accurate formulas of our products.
How should I store the products?
Please avoid the storage in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment or under direct sunlight.
Sometimes you notice the color of the content gets darker as time passed, but there’s no change in its quality.

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